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Get It Now?

A week before the trade deadline one NFL team with a loosing record traded away a first round draft pick for a high priced wide receiver. It would appear that the decision is an effort to "win now." The new addition may lead to a deep playoff run this season; then again, maybe not. One…
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All Four Quarters

In week two of the 2018 NFL season a player made the headlines by retiring at halftime of his game. He explained that during the game he realized that he could no longer play up to his personal standard. He also mentioned his history of injuries and surgeries played a part in his decision. Fans…
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How Can You Improve The Perception Of Your Business Over The Phone?

Any business owner that has a service or delivery vehicle, with their name on the side of it, wants their employees driving responsibly with proper highway etiquette. I can't imagine a business owner allowing an employee to go road raging around town in the vehicle. No owner would approve of an employee driving the company…
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