How Can You Improve The Perception Of Your Business Over The Phone?

Any business owner that has a service or delivery vehicle, with their name on the side of it, wants their employees driving responsibly with proper highway etiquette. I can't imagine a business owner allowing an employee to go road raging around town in the vehicle. No owner would approve of an employee driving the company vehicle around cutting other drivers off and flipping people the bird. Why? Because the owner's name is on the side of the vehicle and it is not good advertising and not good for business! It gives the public, and potential customers, a negative perception of the company.

If an employee driving around in the public can create a negative perception of a company what about those answering the company phone? The owners name is on the phone number just the same as it is on the company vehicle. When people call the business do they get rage, rude or indifferent responses from the employees answering the phone? Chances are the owner doesn't normally call the business, so how would they know? If an owner has a prescribed way of dealing with situations over the phone, how can they know if the employees are sticking to it, or giving out misinformation?

Robinson Communications Services and CQ Simple has a way for an employer  and staff to be sure they are on the same page concerning phone conversations with customers. CQ Simple's VoIP system provides call recording. This handy feature allows an employer, or manager, to pull up company phone calls to be reviewed for training and accountability purposes. Other benefits of call recording are:

  • Ensures that the employees are excising good phone etiquette
  • Provides evidence of verbal harassment from callers towards employees
  • Helps to end arguments over what was said or not said in a phone conversation

If you are interested in improving your business's perception using CQ Simple's call recording just give us a call today for a free consultation - 513-523-7995.


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