Get It Now?

A week before the trade deadline one NFL team with a loosing record traded away a first round draft pick for a high priced wide receiver. It would appear that the decision is an effort to "win now." The new addition may lead to a deep playoff run this season; then again, maybe not. One thing for sure, the "win now" decision will cost them a lot of money and limit their options in the future.

Some business make similar decisions when it comes to their telephone systems. A business may decide to "get it now" from the company providing their dial tone or internet service. The decision to purchase a telephone system from one of the big company providers is convenient, but it can cost you a lot of money and limit your options.

The monthly cost of leasing the phones adds up to a lot of money year in and year out. Licensing fees can limit your options and make voicemail, find me follow me, and voicemail to email integration too expensive to consider.

Before you decide to "get it now" contact us at RCS. We can save you money on your monthly phone bills and provide options at no additional cost.

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