All Four Quarters

In week two of the 2018 NFL season a player made the headlines by retiring at halftime of his game. He explained that during the game he realized that he could no longer play up to his personal standard. He also mentioned his history of injuries and surgeries played a part in his decision. Fans and teammates were not happy nor understanding of a decision made in the middle of the game. Teammates felt that he quit on them and left them shorthanded for the rest of the game. Fans and teammates may have been more understanding if the decision to retire had came after he had played all four quarters.

When it comes to customer service and standing by a product customers want four quarters of support. Robinson Communication Services will not quit on you after you pay for our services. When we provide cabling, WiFi, surveillance cameras or a telephone system we are in it for all four quarters. We stand by our work and our customer service is local. To learn more about our services give us a call at 513-523-7995.

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