How To Avoid Lassos & Spaghetti Monsters

Have you ever seen a cowboy or cowgirl throw a lasso? It is pretty cool stuff to see someone on horseback throw a rope and snag an object at full gallop. It takes a lot of knowledge of ropes and knots along with hours of practice to master lassoing.

Have you ever seen a spaghetti monster? By spaghetti monster I mean a large tangled mess of data cables. I have had one or two in my own house! They evolve around my cable modem, wireless router and printer. To destroy the beast you have to sort out the cables and bundle them up with cable ties.

Structured Cabling is the infrastructure that provides the data and telecommunications for a business, school or an organization inside the building.  Two things you want to avoid in the world of structured cabling are lassos and spaghetti monsters. Cable lassos occur when a person roles up several feet of data cable and tosses it from point A to point B above the ceiling in a building. This type of lassoing  can be learned in a matter of seconds. No prerequisite knowledge of ropes and knots is needed - this type of lassoing creates spontaneous knots!

A spaghetti monster evolves in the communication rooms where cables are haphazardly routed to network switches and  plugged in. The result of lassos and spaghetti monsters is mass confusion when changes to the network or additions need to be made. Proper conveyance for data cables, identifying and bundling cables saves time, money and network downtime.

RCS has been doing structured cabling for over twenty years. We have experience in installing a hundred feet of cable up to several hundred thousand feet of cable. No lassos, but cabling done according to BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) standards. All RCS cabling is Fluke tested, identified and labeled.

If you want to avoid the headache of lassos and spaghetti monsters give us a call - 513-523-7995.


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