Change is Worth It

When it comes to making a change to a new phone system many people rely on the adage – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It is true that if you can make and receive calls why bother upgrading? But you can only answer as many calls as you are receiving. How many calls are you missing when you’re talking on the phone? How many calls are you missing from current, or potential customers, who hang up when they get your voicemail? Missed calls lead to frustrated customers and missed revenue.

Moving from your old phone system to VoIP allows you to drastically lower the number of missed calls by:

• At peak call volume a VoIP system (with SIP lines) is burstable up to 20 phone lines. It is better to put callers on hold than to miss them altogether
• Find-me Follow-me allows calls to reach you from one location to another. If you are not in the office calls are forwarded to your mobile phone

No one is crazy about change. When you have a phone system that you’re used to you will forfeit features for familiarity. No one likes learning a new system either. But, if your business relies on responding to phone calls familiarity could be costing you money in lost business. In today’s world of social media negative reviews from disgruntled customers, who cannot get a hold of you on the phone, can also negatively affect your bottom line. No one likes to spend money, but a new phone system could help you make money.

Change is not fun, but it is worth it. Years ago, no one was crazy about leaving behind tried and true hand-written ledgers and invoices for computers. But the time savings and accuracy of computer programs made it worth it. Robinson Communication Services would like an opportunity to talk to you about how upgrading your phone system. Give us a call for a free consultation (513-529-7995), the change will be worth it.

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