Free From License Fees

I recently had the displeasure of spending part of my birthday at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I had overlooked the fact that my drivers license was going to expire the day before my birthday. So the following day I stood in line for over 45 minutes, which reminded me of wait times for popular rides at an amusement park but without any amusement or rides.Once I finally made it to the counter I handed over $45 for the whole fun-filled experience. The joy I had as I exited the BMV time warp was short lived when I remembered that in another few months the new license would expire and I will have to return.

The drivers license fee for my state is near the middle when compared to other states. Vermont renewals are over $100 and the cheapest is Wyoming at $10. Granted $10 is a deal but no fees would be even better.

Business phone systems have a lot in common with drivers licence renewal fees throughout our 50 states. There're license fees for: voicemail, email-to-voicemail, VoIP ports and auto attendant. Like each state's BMV the prices range from low as $35 to over $300. Wouldn't be better if there were simply no licensing fees?

RCS is a proud partner of CQ Simple VoIP solutions. CQ Simple phone systems are state of the art technology without licensing fees! You get voicemail, voicemail-to-email, ports, auto attendant and many more features with no licensing fees. That's right free from fees. If you would like to learn more about the cost savings of CQ Simple telephone systems give us a call - 513-523-7995. By the way, we don't have any fees for consultations.

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