Monthly Archives: August 2018

How Can You Improve The Perception Of Your Business Over The Phone?

Any business owner that has a service or delivery vehicle, with their name on the side of it, wants their employees driving responsibly with proper highway etiquette. I can't imagine a business owner allowing an employee to go road raging around town in the vehicle. No owner would approve of an employee driving the company…
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“We Have Eyes On It”

I have been watching some interesting military documentaries lately. It is amazing the bravery and skills that our military men and women display in combat situations around the world. It is also amazing the technology that is used today when our troops encounter hostile forces. Our military has the ability to keep an eye on…
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Change is Worth It

When it comes to making a change to a new phone system many people rely on the adage – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It is true that if you can make and receive calls why bother upgrading? But you can only answer as many calls as you are receiving. How many calls…
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